Fractal Domains is a shareware program that generates fractal images. With Fractal Domains you can generate color images of the most popular fractal, the Mandelbrot set, and also generate images of the associated Julia sets. You can also generate an unlimited variety of fractal types based on rational functions, including fractals based on Newton’s method and Halley’s method.

Fractal Domains has many options for producing striking variations of fractal images, and includes advanced features for producing high-quality images.

Fractal Domains features include:

  • Generation of Mandelbrot and Julia sets
  • Generation of fractals based on iterating rational functions. The user may input expressions for any rational function (ratio of two polynomials).
  • Editable color maps
  • Preview window for Julia sets (real time update)
  • Options for generating dwell values
    • Escape Time
    • Continuous Potential
    • Angular Decomposition
    • Distance Estimation
  • Orbit Trap Fractals, including
    • Stalks (cross- shaped orbit trap)
    • Imaginary or Real Stalks
    • Circular
    • Square
  • A multitude of options for dividing fractals into regions with distinct color maps.
  • Professional features for quality image generation including:
    • Full support for 24-bit color images.
    • Image rendering with anti-aliasing.
    • Spooling large images to disk (allows the generation of images too large to fit into available RAM).
    • Export images in PICT, PNG, TIFF or JPEG format.
    • Divide image into tiles under the user’s control.
      • Tiles allow parts of the image to be generated on separate computers, allowing several processors to be used simultaneously to generate an image.
      • Tiles allow the creation of images larger than the largest format that your rendering hardware allows. Very large images can be tiled, each tile printed and the resulting tile fit together to form the original image.

I hope that both newcomers and experienced users of Fractal Domains (and its predecessor, FracPPC) will take the time to explore this site. Start with the Info page which has a map to the major sources of information on the site (tutorials, version history, general information, etc.), or go to the Gallery to see examples of the images Fractal Domains is capable of producing.