If you are visiting this site for the first time, the first thing you may want to do is to visit the gallery. After you have seen examples of the images Fractal Domains can produce, the best way to learn about Fractal Domains is to download the latest version and try it out. The download includes a complete manual.

The pages below provide a map to other information on this site.

Tutorial This is nearly finished, but is still under construction. This has been one of the top requests from users. This tutorial will show you how I make the images you see in the gallery.
Version History Complete record of the evolution of Fractal Domains, including the latest features and bug fixes. The release notes for v1.3.7 may also be of interest.
Future Plans My vision of the future of Fractal Domains.
Anti-aliasing Examples of the improvement anti-aliasing can make in computer-generated images.
Other Fractal Sites The fractal sites listed on this page will lead you to dazzling images and mind-boggling information about chaos and fractals.
Contact Us Self explanatory!