Download Fractal Domains

NOTE: This version of Fractal Domains does not run on Mac OS Catalina (10.15) or higher. I will post a notice on the front page when a version that runs on current versions of Mac OS is available.

Download Fractal Domains 2.0.11 [4.8MB,]

NOTE: This version of Fractal Domains requires OS X 10.4 or higher (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks or Yosemite). For versions that work with earlier versions of OS X, see below.

This is version 2.0.11 of Fractal Domains. Recently added features include:

  • Universal application (runs natively on PowerPC and Intel based Macs)
  • Multi-threaded (takes advantage of multiple processors/cores)
  • New Graphical Color Map Editor
  • Color Map Randomizer
  • Miscellaneous usability improvements

A manual is included in the download, and if you need additional help, there is a tutorial available on this web site.

Read the version history for the latest improvements since the last version of Fractral Domains.

Fractal Domains is shareware. A large subset of the features are unrestricted, but some advanced operations require registration, and although all images can be generated, some of them can be saved only with a registered copy.

Even unregistered, Fractal Domains is a very capable program. Over two thirds of the images featured in the main wing of the Fractal Domains gallery can be generated and saved with an unregistered Fractal Domains.

Fractal Domains may be used on a trial basis for an unlimited period. Fractal Domains has no expiration date.

Support for older versions of OS X

Currently, new versions of Fractal Domains cannot support versions of OS X before 10.4, because the latest version of Apple’s development system will no longer build applications for earlier versions. Users of OS X 10.2 or 10.3 (Jaguar or Panther) can use a slightly older version of Fractal Domains (2.0.6). This doesn’t have the very latest bug fixes and tweaks but it is still a mature and reliable application with the same basic feature set as the latest version.

This version of Fractal Domains supports OS X versions 10.2 through 10.6

Download Fractal Domains 2.0.6 [4.8MB,]

Mac OS 9 Support

Note, since Fractal Domains 2.0 is a Universal application, it can no longer be distributed in a form compatible with Mac OS 9.

For the convenience of the remaining Mac OS 9 users, Fractal Domains 2.0b5 remains available for download. As of this date, the available features are identical between 2.0b5 and 2.0; the only things missing from 2.0b5 are the multiple processor support and native Intel support (although it will run on Intel Macs under Rosetta). Any future bug fixes for 2.0 will not be reflected in 2.0b5; only users of Mac OS 9 should download 2.0b5, all other users should download the latest version using the link at the top of this page.

Purchasers of Fractal Domains who wish to use 2.0b5 under OS 9 should contact for a valid registration number. The registration number format changed with 2.0 and numbers with the new format will not work with 2.0b5.

Download Fractal Domains 2.0b5 (Disk image) [2.6MB, fractal-domains-20b5.dmg]

Restrictions on unregistered copies of Fractal Domains.

In unregistered copies of Fractal Domains, fractals may be generated with any option selected, but images may be printed and parameter files and image (PICT or PNG) files may be saved only for Mandelbrot fractals (or Julia sets generated from the Mandelbrot set) using the standard escape time dwell values, and only for fractals with no orbit trap or the “stalks” (cross-shaped orbit trap) selected. In addition, although the image rendering options (anti-aliasing and spooling to disk) may be used, the rendered image may not be saved as a PICT  or PNG file or printed. However, images spooled to disk by an unregistered Fractal Domains will be accessible to be saved or printed if and when you register Fractal Domains.