The Fractal of the Week Archive — 2000 – 2004

As usual, the Fractal Art 2K Contest was a motivation to do some more fractal exploration. Unfortunately, the amount of work involved in running the contest caused the contest organizers to abandon the project after 2000.

The release of OS X Public Beta in 2000 and OS X 10.0 in 2001 led to a long hiatus while I prepared a “Carbon” version of Fractal Domains that would allow it to run natively on OS X. Some long delayed features were also added, including a graphical color map editor to replace the clunky old dialog-based editor.

After that I desired to retire the old Fractal Domains code base in favor of a redesigned Cocoa-based program. Unfortunately, various other projects have delayed the development of Fractal Domains X, and the number of new images using the current program have waned considerably (there were no new fractal images here in 2005). However, I think you will see a revitalized stream of “Fractal of the Week” images from 2006 onwards.