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Fractal of the Week Archive

It started out as a fractal a week…then it became a fractal every other week. Then it became every few months. It finally came down to one fractal in 2004, and I posted no new fractals in 2005.

My period of more intense activity occurred when I was adding new features to Fractal Domains. Every time I added a new feature I would create new fractal images to explore the possibilities of the new feature. I eventually stopped adding features to the old “carbonized” Fractal Domains in anticipation of working on a completely new rewrite for OS X based on a new architecture for creating complex images.

Various things have led to the postponement of Fractal Domains X, but as development ramps up I am sure you will see the revival of the Fractal of the Week as I once again start testing the envelope. In the meantime I will try to resume work with the current version of Fractal Domains (I just posted the first new image of 2006.)

And now (to quote Firesign Theatre), “Forward into the past!”