Aug 20 2011

Gallery Move Complete

I have finished porting all of the images from the old web site format to the new one, and therefore I have taken down the link to the old gallery.

I have corrected some problems during the port. One problem that still has to be totally corrected is: some of the parameter files are in the old “binhex” format, which is not difficult to decode but many users undoubtedly don’t know what to do. I had been under the impression that Safari, at least, would automatically decode these files on download, but apparently not.

All parameter files will eventually be reposted as “zip” files which can be opened in the OS X Finder. This has already been done for some parameter files, but many still need to be translated. Until this is finished, please be aware that any file on this site that has the extension “.hqx” is a binhex file and cannot be directly opened by Fractal Domains.