Aug 14 2011

Web Site Redesign

As you have no doubt noticed, I have made some changes to the format of the Fractal Domains web site. The site is now based on WordPress (as opposed to the old design which was a static web site generated with Template Toolkit).

Unfortunately, this will cause most of the old links to break, so if you had bookmarks to parts of the site (especially the gallery pages) you will have to redo those bookmarks. I have provided automatic redirects for some of the more popular links.

The site is not completely ported over; mainly, the gallery exhibits have not been completely rebuilt. There is a link on the gallery page to the old gallery that will remain until all images are moved over.

The new design is more attractive and should be easier for me to update. I have also added a “Blog” section where I will post discussions about Fractal Domains and perhaps other topics such as OS X programming. The blog primarily exists as a way for me to communicate information to Fractal Domains users when the length of the post is greater than is appropriate for the News section.

I will shortly post the first real blog entry which will discuss the current status of Fractal Domains development.