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Aug 20 2011


Rational Julia set with “stalk” orbit trap. This Julia set was generated from the rational function

f(z) = z^4/(z^3 + 1) + c, c = 0.1876388 + 0.9526279 i

Next week I’ll post another “stalk” style fractal based on the same formula with a different value used for the constant “c”.

“Serrated” …

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Aug 20 2011


Rational Julia set with “stalk” orbit trap.

“Interchange” parameter file

Aug 20 2011

Wild Card

Rational Julia set with square orbit trap. Angular decomposition is used for the exterior dwell values.

“Wild Card” parameter file

Aug 20 2011


Rational fractal with “Stalks” orbit trap. Stripes correspond to areas of equal dwell value.

“Symbiosis” parameter file

Aug 20 2011


Mandelbrot set with “Stalks” orbit trap. Inner trap extent is set non-zero to split each stalk into two sections.

“Framed” parameter file

Aug 20 2011


Rational Mandelbrot-like set with angular decomposition

“Diffraction” parameter file

Aug 20 2011

Orange Chaos

Portion of Mandelbrot set with angular decomposition. This is a portion in the vicinity of the tip of the set.

Aug 20 2011

Spiral Chain

Here’s a pretty one I had sitting around in my archives.

“Spiral Chain” parameter file

Aug 20 2011


OK, so it’s been almost three months since the last increasingly misnamed “Fracal of the Week.” I’ve been busy getting Fractal Domains 2.0 ready!

“Sparking” parameter file

Aug 20 2011


This is one of the three fractal images I entered in the Fractal Contest 2000 which concluded recently. It was entered in the “Abstract” category. It is a Julia set with angular decomposition.

“Radial” parameter file

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